zucchini flowers keep falling off

Are your zucchini flowers dropping off, drying up or disappearing?
When planting and harvesting zucchini be aware that high humidity can cause the pollen to clump. Rainy weather or a lack of male blossoms can also cause zucchini flowers falling off.

If zucchini flowers just fall off then check if they are male zucchini blossoms. Remember that male flowers once opened tend to release their pollen then simply fall off the zucchini plant.

If zucchini flowers have no fruit or are not opening this could mean that the zucchini plant is not blooming and its flowers will be wilting or keep falling off. Add blossoms to your Zucchini flowers recipe.

Zucchini should be grown in full sun and the most likely cause of flowers falling off is that they aren’t getting pollinated. Remember It is normal for male flowers to keep falling off.

zucchini flowers no fruit?
The most common cause of no fruit is a pollination issue.
If the female flowers wilted before blossoming then no zucchini fruit will grow.
You can manually pollinate flowers if you identify the male v female zucchini flowers.

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