When to pick Courgette Flowers?

What are Courgettes?
The courgette is an edible flower of the zucchini plant. There are two types of courgette flowers with the male stalk flower generally used in Italian cooking.

When to pick Courgettes?
Courgette Flowers don’t last once picked so buy them and cook them on the same day or use them within 2-3 days with fridge storage. To ensure the picked flowers don’t wilt you should use a zip-lock plastic bag and store them in the crisper section of the fridge.

When to harvest Courgettes?
You should harvest courgettes about 3 times per week during the height of the zucchini flowers season.
When harvesting courgettes you should pick them when they are around 10cm (4in).
Use a knife to shear the fruit when picking zucchini flowers and eat Courgettes fresh or stored for a few days.
The best ways to eat courgette and popular courgette recipes and how to cook zucchini flowers include baking and stuffing.

How to grow Courgettes from seed?
Courgettes prefer sunny and sheltered (away from cold wind) growing positions in heavy soil. Ideally, the ground should be prepared with manure and should be completed early Autumn. To learn how to grow zucchini flowers the seed method is by far the easiest way to start.

How to plant Courgettes?
If growing courgettes from seed, plant them directly into the ground any time from early May onwards – preferably after the last late frosts. Courgette seeds can be planted approximately 3 feet apart for best results.

How long do Courgettes take to grow from seed?
Courgettes require plenty of water so that they are able to grow develop fully. Best results come from soaking the roots thoroughly and regularly. Keep water away from the zucchini foliage to help prevent fungus or infection. After sowing, courgettes can be eaten within five to six weeks. It only requires 2 or 3 plants to provide enough courgettes for summer.

How to cook zucchini flowers?

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